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Johnson Edges Herbert By Inches For URSS Win at Lexington

LEXINGTON, Neb. — It might have been only a split second, but that's all C.J. Johnson needed. The Quinter driver took advantage of Brian Herbert needing to slow up for a lap car to claim a United Rebel Sprint Series victory Sunday night at Dawson County Speedway in Lexington, Neb. “It kind of got away from me,” Herbert said. “We led for 10 or 12 or 13 laps, and me and C.J. put on a heck of a show for the fans. We were side-by-side for nine or 10 laps.”

The two battled for the top spot in one of the most competitive URSS races this season. After Herbert took the top spot, Johnson worked his way from his 10th- place starting spot to challenge Herbert the final nine laps. Herbert used the low line, having an advantage on the frontstretch, while Johnson would use the high line and pull alongside the Dodge City driver on the backstretch. “I started 10th, and it took a while to get into third,” said Johnson, who won his 33rd career race on the URSS circuit. “Then Zach Blurton broke, and I was set up for the restart right behind Brian.” The two were neck-and-neck the final laps of the feature. But as the white flag flew, Johnson went hard into turn one and nearly slipped off the top of the track. “We took the white flag, and I thought I had a chance to get him on the frontstretch at the end,” Johnson said. “Then I blasted into the turn hard and about fell off the track.” But Johnson saw a lap car in front of Herbert and thought he still might have a chance at the top spot. As Herbert entered the final curve, he had to let off the gas for the lap car, and Johnson came barreling around the top side of the track, inching by Herbert for the win.

“It was great racing with Brian,” Johnson said. “I've raced against him for years, and we stayed completely apart and didn't go into each other's line. It should have been a heck of a show for the crowd.” “It was an awesome race,” Herbert said. “If you lose a race like that, you know you put on a heck of a show.”
Mike Woodruff edged by Kaden Taylor for third, and Jordan Randles finished fifth.

Woodruff and Johnson won heat races, and Johnson won the Keizer Aluminum Racing Wheels Hard Charger Award.
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For more information about the United Rebel Sprint Series, contact Rick Salem at (785) 475-7010 or email [email protected], or visit the URSS online at www.unitedrebelsprintseries.com.

Feature results
1. C.J. Johnson, 2. Brian Herbert, 3. Mike Woodruff, 4. Kaden Taylor, 5. Jordan Randles, 6. Jeff Radcliffe, 7. Judd Shaeffer, 8. Ken Lutters, 9. Mike Speer, 10. Lance Davis, 11. Bill Hays, 12. John Webster, 13. Chad Salem, 14. Zach


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