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CJ Johnson Wins URSS Finale at Elmwood Park Speedway

The United Rebel Sprint Series made its final appearance at the Elmwood Park Speedway Sunday night as twenty-eight teams made the trip. Once again Mother Nature gave he fans a perfect evening to watch the winged warriors slice and dice their way around the historic half-mile oval. The fans were treated to another barnburner as the Rebels lived up to their reputation for keeping the fans on the edge of their seats the entire twenty-five laps.

Timken Kansas’s Craig Jecha lead the field to the green flag but the racing action soon came to a halt as Kansas City Kansas driver Corey Lutters brought out the red flag with a flip in turn one. Lutters was taken to the local Hospital and later transferred to a Wichita Hospital for more tests. Lutters was released today from the hospital.

Once again Craig Jecha led the field to the green flag with Saturday nights winner Mike Woodruff jumping out to the lead with Bill Hays, Jecha, Howard Van Dyke and Cody Salem rounding out the top five at the end of lap one. It looked like it was going to be a repeat of Saturday night as Woodruff jumped out to a sizeable lead again with Hays in hot pursuit. Brian Herbert made his way to the third spot on lap three as he passed both Salem and Van Dyke.

 Jecha was holding down the fourth spot on lap five but was soon pressured by CJ Johnson and Cody Salem for the position. The trio traded spots but it was Jecha still holding the spot at the flag-stand until Johnson made the pass stick on lap eight. Johnson soon made his way up to pressure Herbert for the third spot. Johnson finally made the pass for the third position on lap ten, back a little further Ray Seemann had been steadily moving up through the field and broke into the top five on lap eleven. 

Woodruff had built a sizeable lead on second Place Bill Hays and heavily into lapped traffic and looked like he was solidly on his way to sweeping the weekend when he spun in turn two on lap thirteen. On the restart, Bill Hays jumped out to the lead with CJ Johnson, Cody Salem, Ray Seemann and Darren Bowman rounding out the top five. Hays was using the high line to make his way around the half-mile, several drivers including CJ Johnson were trying to make up ground by skirting around the bottom of the track hugging the rail to find that bit a moisture to gain on the leader.  

Hays continued to show the way as the racers hit the twenty-lap mark. Johnson tried several times to make the low line work in one and two only to have Hays use the momentum of the high line to power his way back to the lead. Back in the pack, Darren Berry had made his way up to the sixth position along with Brian Herbert and Jon Johnson were gaining ground on fifth place Darren Bowman. Also making his way back to the front was Woodruff who had battled his way back to the tenth spot by lap twenty-two.

Hays was still hanging on to the lead but CJ Johnson was slowly making the bottom work as he methodically gained ground each lap on Hays. Johnson made the pass stick on lap twenty-three and quickly made his way to the high side. Hays continued to hold on to the runner up spot, but now were being pressured by Cody Salem and Ray Seemann. Just after the field took the white flag the caution was displayed, brought out by the stalled car of Tom Belsky on the backstretch.  As the field took the green and entered turn one, several cars got tangled up a to bring out the red flag. Involved were Berry, Salem, Woodruff, Van Dyke, Bantam and Wynn. Berry and Bantam took the worst of the rides with each of their cars flipping several times. The race was called and CJ Johnson was declared the winner.

The Keizer Aluminum Wheels “Hard Charger Award” went to Jeff Radcliffe who raced his way from his nineteenth starting spot to finish the race in the seventh position.

Darren Berry picked up the win in the B Feature.

Heat Race winners were: #1-Cody Salem, #2-Howard Van Dyke, #3-Ray Seemann, #4-Craig Jecha

A-Main: 1-CJ Johnson (45X), 2-Bill Hays (2H), 3-Ray Seemann (72), 4-Darren Bowman (9B), 5-Brian Herbert (97), 6-Jon Johnson (86), 7-Jeff Radcliffe (21R), 8-Josh Fairbank (51), 9-Justin Chaffin (69), 10-Cody Salem (22), 11-Darren Berry (12), 12-Mike Woodruff (83X), 13-Howard Van Dyke (74), 14-Willie Wynn (36W), 15-Randy Bantam (5R), 16-Tom Belsky (28), 17-Craig Jecha (17X), 18-Ken Lutters (79), 19-Keefe Hemel (11), 20-Corey Lutters (07) 

B-Main: 1-Darren Berry, 2-Darren Bowman, 3-Randy Bantam, 4-Josh Fairbank, 5-Tom Belsky, 6-Corey Lutters, 8-Willie Wynn, 9-Jeff Radcliffe, 10-Justin Chaffin, 11-Cody Keiswetter, 12-Michael Williams, 13-Trot Edwards, 14-Mike Spear, 15-Chad Salem, 16-Blake Bogenhagen, 17-Shawn Radcliffe, 18-Reed Bernbeck

Heat #1: 1- Cody Salem, 2-Jon Johnson, 3-Mike Woodruff, 4-Troy Edwards, 5-Tom Belsky, 6-Justin Chaffin, 7-Keefe Hemel

Heat #2- 1-Howard Van Dyke, 2-Ken Lutters, 3-Bill Hays, 4-Josh Fairbank, 5-Willie Wynn, 6-Jeff Radcliffe, 7-Shawn Radcliffe

 Heat #3: 1-Ray Seemann, 2-Randy Bantam, 3-Brian Herbert, 4-Darren Berry, 5-Cody Keiswetter, 6-Reed Bernbeck, 7-Mike Spear

Heat #4- 1-Craig Jecha, 2-Darren Bowman, 3-CJ Johnson, 4-Michael Williams, 5-Corey Lutters, 6-Chad Salem, 7-Blake Bogenhagen

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