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Jon Johnson Grabs URSS Win at Wakeeney Speedway’s Memorial Challenge

The United Rebel Sprint made their 2009 debut at the Wakeeney Speed on Sunday night as 28 Teams made the pull for two action packed nights of racing. The night featured two impressive runs by Cody Salem after having mechanical problems in his heat race. But the night belonged to a cagy veteran as the “Kansas Tornado” Jon Johnson picked up his first URSS feature win of the 2009 season.

Wakeeney Kansas’s Travis Decker led the field to the green but it was Jon Johnson who jumped out to the lead with Craig Jecha, Smokey Fairbank, Josh Fairbank and Ken Lutters rounding out the top five at the end of lap one. Smokey Fairbank took the runner-up spot on lap two, with Josh Fairbank and Ken Lutters taking the third and four spots respectively on lap three.

Cody Salem was a man on a mission as he made his way to the fifth position by lap six. Salem had fell out of his heat race earlier in the evening but thanks to his crew he made the call for the B Main. He came from is fourteenth starting position to grab the runner-up spot in the B Main. Salem started the A main in the twelfth position and was making a repeat performance as he cut his way through traffic to get to the top five. Salem took the fourth position away from Ken Lutters on lap eight and set his sights on third running Josh Fairbank, with Salem finally taking the spot on lap ten.

Up front Johnson was working his way through lapped traffic as Smokey Fairbank and Salem followed closely in his tracks. Salem used just about every inch of the racetrack as he worked his way to battle for the runner up spot. Salem finally took the position on lap fifteen and set his sights on Johnson.

Back in the pack, Corey Lutters was making his own run from his fourteenth starting position. Lutters had methodically worked his way up to the sixth spot by lap ten and was pressuring his father Ken for the fifth position. The pair battled for several alps before the younger Lutters took the spot away on lap fifteen. 

Up front Johnson continued to hold the lead as he and Salem encountered lapped traffic. Johnson picked his way through the slower cars lap after lap knowing that Salem was getting closer every lap. But time was Salem’s worst enemy as the laps dwindled. As the checkers fell it was Johnson taking the victory with Salem, Smokey Fairbank, Josh Fairbank and Corey Lutters rounding out the top five.

The Keizer Aluminum Wheels “Hard Charger Award” went to Cody Salem who came from his twelfth place starting position to finish second.

A Main: 1- Jon Johnson (86), 2-Cody Salem (22), 3-Smokey Fairbank (2), 4-Josh Fairbank (51), 5-Corey Lutters, 6-Ken Lutters (79), 7-Craig Jecha (17X), 8-Jeff Crook (52), 9-Travis Decker (84T), 10-John Colbert (79C), 11-Tim Perkins (99), 12-Willie Wynn (36W), 13-Michael Williams (77), 14-Reed Bernbeck (C3), 15-Jeff Radcliffe (21R), 16-Bill Hays (2H), 17-Mike Spear (54), 18-Tyler Kraus (12), 19-Just Schwien (76J), 20-Randy Bantam (5R)

B Main: 1-Tyler Kraus, 2-Cody Salem, 3-Jeff Radcliffe, 4-Corey Lutters, 5-Reed Bernbeck, 6-Michael Williams, 7-Willie Wynn, 8-Tim Perkins, 9-Mike Spears, 10-Bill Hays, 11-Chad Salem, 12-Chuck Lutters, 13-Cody Keiswetter, 14-Howard Van Dyke, 15-Shawn Radcliffe, 16-Greg Thyfault, 17-Blake Bogenhagen, 18-Tom Belsky

Heat #1: Justin Schwien, 2-Randy Bantam, 3-Tyler Kraus, 4-Reed Bernbeck, 5-Cody Keiswetter, Chuck Lutters DNF, Cody Salem DNF

Heat #2: 1-Johns Colbert, 2-Jeff Crook, 3-Craig Jecha, 4-Tim Perkins, 5-Greg Thyfault, 6-Bill Hays DNF, Tom Belsky DNF

Heat #3: 2-Smokey Fairbank, 2-Travis Decker, 3-Mike Spear, 4-Jeff Radcliffe, 5-Corey Lutters, 6-Shawn Radcliffe, Blake Bogenhagen DNF

Heat #4: 1-Josh Fairbank, 2-Jon Johnson, 3-Ken Lutters, 4-Willie Wynn, 5-Howard Van Dyke, 6-Michael Williams, Chad Salem DNF

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