Fisher and Johnson Take URSS Wins At The Rush County Fair

Racing returned the Rush County Fairgrounds as the United Rebel Sprint Series ended the 2007 Rush County Fair with a double dose of racing action with a second Non-Wing Feature to take the fans back to the glory days of Sprint Car racing. And when the night was over, Brandon Fisher and Jon Johnson made visits to the Winners Circle.

First up was the Winged A Feature with Silver Lake’s Greg Thyfault bringing the field to the green with outside pole-sitter Darren Bowman. Ensign’s Brandon Fisher dove to the bottom to take the lead as Bowman, Kris Miller, Thyfault and Cody Salem rounded out the top five at the end of lap one. Behind the leaders a five-car battle between Kirby Hagans, Jon Johnson, Ray Seemann, Justin Schwien and Paul Flynn for positions three through seven heated with the quintet trading spots back and forth. Johnson took the third spot for good on lap five and set his sights on second place Kris Miller.

Johnson made the pass for second on lap thirteen with Hagans, Miller, Schwien and Flynn in the fifth position. Lap seventeen saw Seemann take the fifth spot from Flynn with Schwien in tow as the pair fought for the fifth position. Lap eighteen saw Flynn take the spot from Schwien as Brian Herbert and Smokey Fairbank joined the battle for the sixth spot.

The closing laps saw Fisher and Johnson weaving their way through traffic as Johnson tried to find a way around. The closing laps saw Schwien have something go away on his car as he faded back, Fisher took the win with Johnson, Hagans, Miller and Seemann rounding out the top five.

Heat race winners were Cody Salem, Justin Schwien and Kirby Hagans with Brian Herbert picking up the win in the B-Main.

The Weld Racing Wheels “Hard Charger” Award went to Jon Johnson who tenth starting spot to claim the runner up spot.

In the “Non-Wing” Feature Hill City’s Larry Radcliffe led the field to the green with Goddard’s Josh Fairbank on the outside pole and jumped to the early lead with Jon Johnson, Ray Seemann, Brandon Fisher and Kris Miller making up the top five. Seemann and Johnson passed Radcliffe for the top two spots on lap three with thirteen starter Kirby Hagans beginning his charge through the field as he made it to the sixth spot by the end of lap five.

Johnson took the lead from Seemann on lap eight as Paul Flynn settled into the third spot and was challenged by Hagans, Miller and Herbert as they set their sights on the second spot. Flynn took Seeman for the second spot on lap nine with Hagans and Miller hot on his heels.

With Johnson in the lead, Seemann took the second spot away from Flynn as Hagans, Herbert and Miller as Flynn began to fade. Johnson was never challenged as he took the win with Seemann, Hagans, Herbert and Miller rounding out the top five.


1-Fisher, 2-Johnson, 30Hagans, 4-Miller, 5-Seemann, 6-Flynn, 7-Herbert, 8-S. Fairbank, 9- C. Lutters, 10-Bowman, 11-Schwien, 12-Bernbeck, 13-R. Bantam, 14-Fair, 15-J. Radcliffe, 16-Kasey Beckham, 17-Hays, 18-K.  Lutters, 19-Salem, 20-G. Thyfault


1-Herbert, 2-C. Lutters, 3-R. Bantam, 4-Bernbeck, 5-S. Fairbank, 6-J. Radcliffe, 7-Hays, 8-Beckham, 9-K. Lutters, 10-Fair, 11-Perkins, 12-Oliver, 13-Decker, 14-Spear,  J. Fairbank DNS

Non-Wing A-Main

1-Johnson, 2-Seeman, 3-Hagans, 4-Herbert, 5-Miller, 6-Fisher, 7-S. Fairbank, 8-Hays, 9-G. Thyfault, 10-Bernbeck, 11-Flynn, 12-L. Radcliffe, 13-J. Fairbank, 14-Decker, 15-K. Lutters, 16- Hood, 17- C. Lutters




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