8/5/06 Johnson Evens Score for Rebels


After suffering his first defeat of the season a week before, Jon Johnson evened the score by winning the URSS vs. JVSS duel Saturday night at the Rush County Fair in LaCrosse, Ks. Taking the lead on the fist lap from his forth starting spot, Johnson led all 20 laps but had to withstand constant pressure from fifth starting Raymond Seeman. After moving into second on lap 3, Seeman kept hard pressure on Johnson the entire race and pulled even coming off turn two on lap 18 with Johnson holding him off entering turn three. One last assault by Seeman entering the third turn on the last lap had the fans on their feet, but he couldn’t make it stick as Johnson sailed to his sixth URSS victory of the season. Running a close third and keeping the battling duo within striking distance was Brian Herbert with last weeks winner Brandon Fisher and Darren Bowman rounding out the top five. Brook Boyd, B feature winner Travis Decker, Larry Radcliffe, Smokey Fairbanks and Billy Smith completed the top ten.

Heat races were won by Darren Bowman and Justin Schwien, with Decker taking the B main over Fairbanks.

Next on the schedule for the 305 traveling series will be their second appearance of the season at the new RPM Speedway in Hays, Ks, Saturday night Aug. the 12th. The previously scheduled race on Friday the 11th at the Hutchinson Raceway Park has again been cancelled by track officials and will not be rescheduled for this year.



Feature Finish

1 - #86 - Jon Johnson

2 - #72 - Ray Seeman

3 - #79 - Brian Herbert

4 - #14 - Brandon Fischer

5 - #9B - Darren Bowman

6 - #3b - Brooke Boyd

7 - #84t - Travis Decker

8 - #7r - Larry Radcliff

9 - #2 - Smokey Fairbank

10 - #31 - Billy Smith

11 - #76J - Justin Schwien

12 - #5r - Randy Bantam

13 - #4 - Kirby Hagan

14 - #44 - Darren Berry

15 - #1B - Bart Boyd


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