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Herbert Nabs Fourth URSS Feature Win at Dodge City

Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts with  morning rain showers the show went on at Dodge City Raceway Park as normal Saturday night as 21 teams checked in at the gate. As usual, it was an Old Fashioned Gunfight as the Drivers battled for position lap after lap but when the smoke cleared it was Dodge City’s Brian Herbert picking up his fourth URSS Feature of 2008. 

Sublette Kansas’s Lance Davis brought the field to the green, Wakeeney Kansas’s Willie Wynn jumped out to the lead with Ty Williams, Davis, Taylor Velasquez and Brandon Fisher rounding out the top five. Lap two saw Velasquez take the third spot from Davis with Tanner Mullens in the fifth position. Lap four saw Brian Herbert and Mullens storm past Davis to take the fourth and fifth spots.

Herbert set his sights on third place Velasquez and on lap six made the pass for the third position. Williams and Herbert were closing in on the leader Wynn and they both made the pass on lap seven relegating Wynn to the third spot. Williams and Herbert were tied together as they approached lap traffic, on lap nine Herbert took the top spot from Williams. Tanner Mullens made his way past Wynn to take over the fourth spot on ten.

Twelfth place starter Mike Woodruff had quietly worked his way up through the field to take the fourth position away from Mullens on lap eleven. Thirteenth place starter Darren Bowman had worked his way up to the sixth spot by lap thirteen as he picked his way through traffic.  The top five stayed Herbert, Williams, Velasquez, Woodruff and Mullens until Bowman took the fifth position away from Mullens on lap seventeen.

Lap twenty one saw second place Williams get tangled up with third place Velasquez with Williams coming to a stop in turn one.  On the restart Woodruff took the second spot from Velasquez with Bowman and Mullens hot on his bumper. Fourteenth place starter Smokey Fairbank who had worked his way through the field took the fifth spot from Mullens on lap twenty-three. Lap twenty-four saw Bowman take the third position from Velasquez. Coming to the checkers it was Herbert taking the win with Woodruff, Bowman, Velasquez and Fairbank rounding out the top five.

The Weld Racing Wheels “Hard Charger Award” went to Mike Woodruff who came from his twelfth place starting position to finish in the second spot.

The Keizer Aluminum Wheels B-Main Award went to Randy Washburn 

Heat race winners were Taylor Milton, Taylor Velasquez and Tanner Mullens.

A-Main: 1- Brian Herbert (97), 2-Mike Woodruff (83), 3-Darren Bowman (9B), 4-Taylor Velasquez (21), 5-Smokey Fairbank (2), 6-Taylor Milton (91X), 7-Tanner Mullens (02), 8-Jeff Crook (52), 9-Willie Wynn (36W), 10-Justin Chaffin (69), 11-Tyler Knight (11K), 12-Cody Caldwell (77), 13-Kris Moore (49), 14-John Colbert (79C), 15-Lance Davis (9DJ), 16-Ty Williams (1X), 17-Brandon Fisher (14), 18-Randy Washburn (0T), 19-Mike Sommers (19), Steve Dalton DNS

B-Main: 1-Washburn, 2-Woodruff, 3-Bowman, 4-S.Fairbank, 5-Moore, 6-C.Caldwell, 7-Knight, 8-Colbert, 9-Sommer, 10-Dalton, 11-Hemel


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