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Martens and Bubak Score At URSS Wheatshocker Nationals

Fairveiw Oklahoma’s Jake Martens scored his second big URSS victory this year as he charged from his 5th starting spot to claim the $2,000 to win Wheatshocker Nationals Sunday night at RPM Speedway in Hays, KS while Colorado’s Jake Bubak’s victory in Saturday night’s prelim and a second place finish in Sunday’s feature earned him the Pit Boss Pellet grill from Lance Pittman of S&W Supply for being the overall high point driver for the two day event.

Saturday night’s preliminary 25 lap feature would see Oklahoma’s Ty Williams and current points leader Zach Blurton start on the front row with Williams outgunning Blurton to turn one. At the end of lap one it would be Williams, Blurton, Jake Martens, Jake Bubak and Luke Cranston rounding out the top five. Williams continued his torrid pace, increasing his lead each lap only to have a miscue on lap 12, falling off of turn two and rejoining the field in ninth.

Blurton would then inherit the lead with Martens and Bubak in hot pursuit. On the 15th circuit, Blurton and Martens entered turn one on the bottom, leaving the door wide open for a rim riding Bubak as he drove around both of them to take command of the lead and never looked back as he took his first URSS victory of the season. Following Bubak to the checkers it was Blurton, Martens, Steven Richardson and Luke Cranston rounding out the top 5.

The Keizer Wheels Hard Charger award went to Jetmore’s Brandy Jones moving up from his 16th starting position to finish ninth. Heat race winners were  Blurton, Bubak, Cranston and Williams with two B features won by Brian Herbert and Shane Sundquist.

Saturday night’s $2,000 to win finale saw McCook Nebraska’s Darren Berry and Dodge City KS native Brian Herbert start on the front row of the 30 lap feature with Herbert beating Berry into turn one. Herbert began to pull away until 5th starting Jake Martens took over second from Berry on lap seven and lap by lap began to reel in Herbert. By lap nine Martens was on Herbert’s bumper and one lap later drove to the bottom of turns one and two and drove by Herbert to take command.

Martens continued his torrid pace stretching his lead to a full straightaway as Bubak took over 2nd place from Berry on lap 17. The race was slowed on lap 26 as Aaron Ploussard looped it in turn four bringing out the only yellow of the night. With four laps remaining this gave Bubak the chance he needed but Martens was untouchable as he drove away from the field to capture the well deserved victory. Bubak would follow in second and with his weekend performance earned the URSS Custom Pit Boss Pellet Grill provided by lance Pittman of S&W Supply out of Hays. Finishing third was Darren Berry with Herbert and Steven Richardson rounding out the top five.

Colorado’s Coby Pearce moved up from his 20th starting position to finish 11th to claim the Keizer Wheels Hard Charger award with heat races won by Martens, Bubak, Tyler Knight and Ty Williams. The nights B main was won by Plainville’s Jed Werner.

URSS Officials would like to thank the Ellis County Fairboard, promoter Rod Benken and his entire crew for providing and excellent racing surface both nights for some great racing.

Next on the URSS Schedule will be Thursday night, August 2nd, at the Thayer County Speedway in Deshler Nebraska as many drivers from all over the nation will be in attendance as they ready themselves for the Innaugaral Belleville URSS 305 Nationals on the High Banks of Belleville KS on Friday and Saturday August 3rd and 4th with $7,000 going to the winner and a minimum of $1,000 to start Saturday night’s Championship feature.

Saturday prelim Wheatshocker Nationals

Feature results

1 Jake Bubak 9x

2 Zach Blurton 2j

3 Jake Martens 48

4 Steven Richardson 0

5 Luke Cranston 49

6 Jordan Knight 10

7 Jed Werner 50

8 Buddy Tubbs 95

9 Brandy Jones 8j

10 Coby Pearce 92

11 Tracey Hill 28

12 Brian Herbert 97

13 Nick Haygood 1

14 Ty Williams 911

15 Austin McLean 83

16 Todd Plemons 4

17 Tyler Knight 11K

18 Shane Sundquist 7

19 Lance Davis 9D

20 Cody Hays 24

Sunday Wheatshocker Finale

A Feature results

1 Jake Martens 48

2 Jake Bubak 9x

3 Darren Berry 12

4 Brian Herbert 97

5 Steven Richardson 0

6 Austin McLean 83

7 Tyler Knight 11K

8 Luke Cranston 49

9 Zach Blurton 2j

10 Ty Williams 911

11 Coby Pearce 92

12 Tracey Hill 28

13 Brandy Jones 8j

14 Jed Werner 50

15 Ken Lutters 74

16 Buddy Tubbs 95

17 Nick Haygood 1

18 Aaron Ploussard 33k

19 Jordan Knight 10 DNF

20 Todd Plemons 4 DNF

B Feature results

1 Jed Werner 50

2 Jordan Knight 10

3 Buddy Tubbs 95

4 Brandy Jones 8j

5 Nick Haygood 1

6 Tracey Hill 28

7 Todd Plemons 4

8 Coby Pearce 92

9 Kolt Washburn 45

10 Cody Hays 24

11 Chad Salem 17s

12 Shane Sundquist 7

13 John Webster 9

14 Eric Matthews 31M


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