Johnson Notches Sixth URSS Win At Sherman County Speedway

With storms clouds brewing on the horizon in the western sky, the “Kansas Tornado” Jon Johnson swept through the field to grab his sixth victory of the 2007 URSS Season. The action was fast and furious as the race saw only one caution late in the race that bunched the field up for a three-lap shootout.

Reed Bernbeck led the field to the green, with Elwood Nebraska’s Bill Hays jumping out to the lead and at the end of lap one it was Hays, Ken Lutters, Bernbeck, Doug Roth and current URSS points leader Smokey Fairbank rounding out the top five. Roth took the runner up spot from Bernbeck on lap three and set his sights on Lutters. Ninth Starting Johnson started his run to the front working his way to the sixth position on lap six.

With Hays still in the lead, Johnson and Fairbank moved up to the fourth and fifth spots on lap eight. Johnson saw his opening and on lap nine made the outside line stick as he took the lead coming off of turn four. Back in the field, St. Joseph Missouri driver Cody Salem had picked his way through the field from his fourteenth starting spot to capture the sixth spot on lap nine and looked to take the fifth spot from Fairbank. Lap eleven saw Roth take the second spot from Hays with Fairbank in tow, with Jeff Radcliffe taking the sixth spot from Salem.

Lap twenty saw Johnson in the lead with Roth, Fairbank, Lutters and Hays making up the top five. Lap twenty-two saw the caution come out as Cody Salem made contact with the front stretch wall and came to a stop. Salem’s car suffered little damage and tagged the back of the field. On the restart, Roth’s stumbled as the green flew allowing Fairbank, Lutters to get by and set up a challenge from Justin Schwien for the fourth spot. Schwien took the position as the white flag flew. Coming to the line it was Johnson taking the win with Fairbank, Lutters, Schwien and Roth rounding out the top five.

Heat Race winners were Justin Schwien, Jon Johnson and Bill Hays.

The Weld Racing “Hard Charger Award” went to Johnson who came from his ninth starting spot to grab the win.

A-Main – 1)Jon Johnson, 2)Smokey Fairbank, 3)Ken Lutters, 4)Justin Schwien, 5)Doug Roth, 6)Bill Hays, 7)Jeff Radcliffe, 8)Randy Bantam, 9)Mark Bantam, 10)Randy Washburn, 11)Cody Salem, 12)Tim Perkins, 13)Reed Bernbeck, 14)Cody Keiswetter, 15)Larry Radcliffe,  Darren Berry (DNS)

Heat 1- 1)Schwien, 2)J.Radcliffe, 3)Bernbeck, 4)Keiswetter, 5)L.Radcliffe, Perkins (DNS)

Heat 2- 1)Johnson, 2)K.Lutters, 3)Roth, 4)R.Bantam, 5)Berry

Heat 3- 1)Hays, 2)S.Fairbank, 3)M.Bantam, 4)Washburn, 5)Salem


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