Johnson Doubles Up At URSS “3rd Annual High Plains Shootout”

The Third Annual High Plains Shootout lived up to its name at the Decatur County Fairgrounds as the URSS 305 Traveling Series rolled into town. Despite the hot temperatures and clear skies overhead, the Oberlin Speedway took a direct hit as the “The Kansas Tornado” Jon Johnson swept the twin features.

Goddard Kansas' Josh Fairbank brought the field to the green flag and jumped out to the early lead as Elwood Nebraska’s Bill Hays settled into the second spot followed by Ken Lutters, Johnson and Reed Bernbeck in the fifth spot. Tenth Starting Johnson worked his way up to the runner up spot on lap three and grabbed the top spot on lap four. Josh Fairbank held onto the runner spot as the battle for the position heated up with Lutters, current URSS Point Leader Smokey Fairbank and Randy Bantam joined the fray.

Lap nine saw Justin Schwien take the fifth spot from Bantam and set his sights on the duo of Smokey Fairbank and Lutters. The trio of drivers had a heated battle for the next ten laps as they wove their way through traffic until Schwien made his move to the third position on lap 20 and set his sights on second running Josh Fairbank. Lap twenty-one saw Smokey Fairbank make the pass for the fourth spot to join the battle for the runner up position.

Schwien made the pass for the second spot with two to go as the battle for the third position heated up. With one to go, Smokey Fairbank took the third spot relegating Josh Fairbank to the fourth spot. As the checkers flew Johnson picked up the win with Schwien, Smokey Fairbank, Josh Fairbank and Ken Lutters rounding out the top five.

The Weld Racing Wheels “Hard Charger Award” went to Jon Johnson who came from his tenth starting spot to take the win.

Heat Race winners were Bill Hays, Josh Fairbank and Justin Schwien.

The ASC Towing & Repair Trophy Dash Winner was Ken Lutters.

The Non-Wing Special Feature was a treat for drivers and fans alike. Bill Hays lead the field to the flag-stand and jumped out to the early lead as the field dove into turn one. Johnson quickly made his way to the runner up spot with Cody Salem, Tim Perkins and Josh Fairbank rounding out the top five. Hays held off the veteran Johnson until lap four when Johnson used the high side to shoot around Hays. Josh Fairbank moved up to the third spot on lap five with Salem and Smokey Fairbank in tow.

Lap eight saw Smokey Fairbank take the runner up spot from Hays and set his sights on the leader. As the field started running into lap traffic, the battles for positions intensified. Josh Fairbank turned up the pressure on Hays for the third spot as Cody Salem joined the fight, Lap sixteen saw Fairbank and Salem pass Hays for the third and fourth spots respectively. Salem bobbled causing to him to slip back several spots the following lap but he battled his way back to challenge Reed Bernbeck for the fourth spot. Salem made the pass for the position at the flag-stand as white flag was waving. When the checkers flew it was Johnson taking his second win of the night with Smokey Fairbank in second, Josh Fairbank, Cody Salem and Bernbeck rounding out the top five.

A-Main – 1) Jon Johnson, 2) Justin Schwien, 3) Smokey Fairbank, 4) Josh Fairbank,

5) Ken Lutters, 6) Randy Bantam, 7) Cody Salem, 8) Bill Hays, 9) Reed Bernbeck,

10) Jeff Radcliffe, 11) Tim Perkins, 12) Mark Bantam, 13) Darren Berry, 14) Cody Keiswetter, 15) Garrett Hood, 16) Doug Roth

Non-Wing – 1) Johnson, 2) S. Fairbank, 3) J. Fairbank, 4) Salem, 5) Bernbeck, 6) Hays, 7) M. Bantam, 8) Hood, 9) Lutters, 10) Berry, 11) R. Bantam, 12) Perkins

Thank You to the Following Businesses for Supporting the "3rd Annual High Plains Shootout"

Fredrickson Insurance, Raye's Grocery, Inc., Tally Farms, Stellar Sales, Ward Drug, First National Bank, Graphix by Salem, K-Rock 98.5, Flowers by Lee, KFNF 101.1, Oberlin Fertilizer, Inc, Salem's Mower Sales, ASC Towing & Repair, Metcalf Realty, Sappa Valley Construction, Farmers Bank & Trust, Fidele Electric & Woodworking, Decatur Co. Cooperative Assn., Dave Bose - Dust Cloud Construction and Ron Uehlin - Ron's Applicating Service.

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